Our Story

Adrea Rubin Marketing was established in 1990 in New York City.  As a direct response agency, Adrea Rubin Marketing employs integrated multi-channel marketing strategies to help its clients acquire, retain and reactivate customers. The firm’s services include online and offline data procurement, lead generation, competitive insights, custom modeling and analytics, creative messaging, and consultation supported by solid solutions to drive business growth. Ms. Rubin is instrumental in leading the firm’s product offerings and strategic direction.

Why the Insurance and Financial Services Markets?

Adrea Rubin’s career began when the DMA hired her as membership director for the Direct Marketing Insurance Council. The council members consisted of the largest insurance carriers, including Colonial Penn Insurance, who approached Adrea with an opportunity she could not turn down. She joined Colonial Penn, learned insurance direct marketing from the inside out, and developed customer acquisition strategies for all of the AARP-endorsed insurance products.

When Adrea established her own firm in 1990, all of her clients – including Colonial Penn – followed. The rest, as they say, is history. Sensing an opportunity in the insurance vertical, Adrea was able to use her creativity, marketing strategy and product knowledge to differentiate her services from other marketing firms. Insurance carriers were the first mass marketers to embrace demographic and psychographic data, analytics and modeling and integrated data sources as key components of their marketing efforts.

When big data arrived, she was already there. Where mailing lists allowed marketers to reach individuals, the utilization of compiled data enabled Adrea to incorporate additional elements that helped construct a three dimensional view of consumer lifestyles and buying patterns. Adrea partnered to build custom models and analyzed purchase behavior in insurance long before these practices were embraced by the industry. Being ahead of the curve continues to be the hallmark of ARM’s long term success.

The evolution of the insurance industry has seen many changes in its product offering, distribution methods and marketing messages. Our involvement with the insurance carriers and marketing teams keep us at the forefront of the industry. ARM’s rich history in all forms of insurance marketing establishes us as industry leaders.

The outgrowth of the insurance vertical was banking and financial services. The overlap between insurance and financial services includes compliance regulations and carries over into the need for analytics and innovative marketing strategies. Our experience has taught us how to create consumer interest for products that are more needs-based than want-based.

Adrea Rubin Marketing’s specialization in protection services has served our clients well, as we provide a unique and comprehensive viewpoint of insurance and financial services marketing – past, present and future.