Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

We offer unique customer acquisition, media and data monetization solutions to drive business growth. Throughout the years, the firms’ role has evolved. The company has become a fully integrated strategic marketing partner, by creating new products, identifying and developing marketing opportunities, formulating creative concepts, and increasing market share for clients of the firm. What started as a traditional list brokerage company has now expanded into a full service direct marketing agency.

Why Use Us

In today’s environment, direct marketing agencies have the capability to provide turnkey services for marketing campaigns. Experience, knowledge and an understanding of the overall marketing objectives are crucial to any success.

Adrea Rubin Marketing, with 3 decades of marketing experience, provides a unique perspective in direct marketing. We strive to innovate, not emulate. Creating multi-channel solutions for products, brands and client partners is the hallmark of what makes us a leader in our field.

Mutual of Omaha TestimonialWe have a unique perspective on data. Frequently the largest data providers ask us to consult on data products and segmentation. Our client partners benefit from these relationships, as they can beta test the products and are first to market.

We provide research to validate media strategies and concepts. Adrea Rubin Marketing outlines our reasons why and discusses the pros and cons of each phase. This information includes competitive intelligence, outside economic factors, and target market insights.

We take an assessment of the business challenges to determine the key elements and strategy needed to move your business forward. We can optimize your existing budget and have positive returns to increase growth year after year.

At Adrea Rubin Marketing, each account is serviced by senior staff. We do not believe in letting junior talent learn on your business. As a working owner, Adrea Rubin is involved in each step of the process.

We understand how to acquire new customers, convert responders into buyers, and improve retention, loyalty and persistency. Our background is in data, but our experience is unparalleled. Long-term engagements often speak for themselves.

What We Do

With expertise in insurance, financial services, in-house credit, seniors/aging of America, Adrea Rubin Marketing provides our client partners with a full range of strategic solutions including:

  • Data Brokerage
  • List Management
  • Multi-Channel Lead Generation
  • Modeling/Analytics
  • Creative Development/Message Consultation
  • Online Marketing

Marketing is a Process

The key to success is the ability to adapt. With a convergence of thought, technology, process and expertise, Adrea Rubin Marketing finds our clients’ most profitable customers, as well as potential new business targets.

Our origins are in insurance, but have the experience to market in other sectors. Our in-depth knowledge and ability to asses all challenges transcend one specific vertical. Our unique assessment of business opportunities makes us a valuable marketing partner.

Adrea Rubin Marketing drives client growth with unique solutions for customer acquisition, retention and reactivation, as well as media and data management solutions.

How We Do It

We review the metrics that determine acceptable ROI and create a unique solution to acquire new customers. We also provide research that validates our media strategy and concepts. With an unrivaled level of expertise in insurance, financial services, in-house credit, seniors/aging of America and healthcare, Adrea Rubin Marketing provides our client partners the stability, assurance and trust they’ve come to expect throughout our 20+ years of business.

How We Do It

At Adrea Rubin Marketing, each new client partnership starts with us listening to your business challenge. We then conduct a comprehensive assessment of the business, barriers to growth and the overall marketplace. Challenging ourselves, our clients and the status quo on each engagement ensures that our ability to adapt is in alignment with the constantly changing marketplace.

With a unique approach to data, we are able to identify new audiences and find multiple touch points for existing, future and former customers. This leads to creative media solutions that drive our client partners business and overall profitability.

DOTS represents a uniquely complex universe of people, processes, challenges, and solutions. We seek to show innovation and a sophistication with how we utilize technology in the solving of client challenges. At the center of the logo, (the challenge) and our sweet spot, lies a pattern of solutions that surround the target waiting to be found.

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