Marketer Goes Quackers

Marketer Go QuackersI have never considered myself an ornithophiliac. I can barely even say the word or spell it. I know little about anatidae other then they can be yellow, fluffy, or rubber. The definition of anatidae is a family of small aquatic birds having short legs, webbed feet and a broad blunt bill. Donald, Daffy, Daisy, Huey, Dewey, and Louie leave me uninspired. I have never had Peking duck. Of the 38 species of ducks in the United States, there is only one duck that has captured my heart, the Aflac Duck.

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Talk to the Hand (Raisers)

With the recent passing of Elizabeth Taylor, and all of the focus on her famous jewelry, I find myself thinking about hands.  I remember visiting Grauman’s Chinese Theatre at a young age and being so impressed by all the famous celebrity hand prints.  The romantic in me is thinking about how Elizabeth found the one man who would put the 33-carat Krupp Diamond on her hand, Richard Burton.  The marketer in me keeps thinking about how we focus on consumer’s hands and the actions they perform.  As marketers, we should be looking to find consumers who will fall in love with our goods and services over and over just like Liz and Dick. They were so in love that they married each other twice.

Talk to the Hand (Raisers)

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Pet Insurance: the Doctor Will See You Now

My name is Oscar. While Adrea is out of the office speaking at an insurance convention, I am going to use this blog to speak about a topic that is very important to me – Pet Insurance.

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Boomers: Iconic at Any Age

Youth and aging are an extreme contradiction.

As I continue to get older, it becomes more obvious that the youth side of the equation rules advertising and marketing.  I am in an industry that wants to target the 20-to-34 year old age demographic.  This coveted age group does not spend as much and has less disposable income than their older counterparts.  The 20-to-34 year old age group consists of 63 million individuals whose annual spending is $1 trillion.  Insurance carriers and financial services marketers believe that if you target this population when they are young, you will have them as loyal customers throughout their life cycle.

They are correct in this belief.  But they are making a mistake by being right. Continue reading

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The Year We Stopped Talking

I have always been a social person and enjoy conversations with friends, business colleagues, and family. As a young adult and trying to find my place in the world, I was told by my wise grandmother to do what I do best: go out and talk to people – the rest will come. She reminded me of the time I spoke to a wrong number literally for a half hour. Translation: get yourself a sales position.

The Year We Stopped Talking

In today’s connected world, I feel like I have lost my own voice. I yearn for days filled without pings and beeps. Yet, I have a mobile phone, Kindle, Apple iPad, and Blackberry. I am blogging, texting, tweeting, writing on my Facebook wall, and am LinkedIn. I am connected now more than ever before –  just not in person. I have “friended” people all over the world. All of this has pulled me away from face to face conversations. Continue reading

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Goobers, Raisinets and Geico

Goobers, Raisinets and GeicoAll of us find our own way to relax and unwind after a demanding work week. For me, it is going to the movies. I have been an avid movie-goer since I was a young child and saw Vincent Price in “House on Haunted Hill.” I remember when, during the movie, they reeled out a skeleton from behind a curtain and it stopped over my head. Most children would have run out of the theater screaming in horror never to return again. I, on the other hand, was hooked. I love the entire movie theater experience from the drive to my local neighborhood theatre to the purchase of popcorn and candy. I sit in the dark waiting with anticipation for the previews to start. Some of my best memories are watching Ryan O’Neal cry over losing Ali McGraw in “Love Story” and Julia Roberts waiting for her prince, Richard Gere, to rescue her from a life on the streets in “Pretty Woman.” With all of my focus directed at any image on the screen in front of me, how could I ever forget the Gecko and Geico telling me “15 minutes could save me 15%?” Continue reading

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You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

I want to share with you the best one-to-one marketing campaign I have personally experienced. Every year on my birthday, I visit my money in either Atlantic City or Las Vegas. I am a bored quarter slot machine player who is unable to pick a number at roulette on her way to lose at the black jack table by splitting a pair of Kings. I certainly wouldn’t bet on my winning streak in any casino. I am just another small time gambler who enjoys the thrill of the game. And I have nothing on Daniel Negreanu, one of the world champions of Poker. But what I do know is good marketing. Continue reading

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Adrea Rubin Introduces New Look and New Blog – To The Point

“The primary focus of any company should be to evolve,
adapt and listen to its customers in order to steadily
grow.  We’re excited to continue to differentiate our
company and meet  those needs, and to provide marketers
with traditional and unconventional solutions.”

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