Adrea’s Story

A woman who sees things differently.

As I write my story, I realize how maturity and the lessons I have learned shape my perspective on life. I am able to reflect on the dreams of my youth with renewed passion for my accidental career path.

But it’s time to start from the beginning. I thought from an early age that I was going to become a doctor. I wanted to help others who could not help themselves. As an only child raised by my beloved grandparents, I learned from their stories and got my belief system from them. My grandfather, who had no formal education past the fourth grade, became an accomplished entrepreneur. He dared me to dream big, Think Differently, and be the best I could be in all areas of my life.

It was the model he set for himself, and for me.

My story does not end with a degree in medicine. I did not become a doctor. I had to make a different career choice when fate stepped in. As a result, my early career was a series of missed opportunities, broken dreams, and unfilled expectations. I was totally lost in the sea of life and desperately needed to find my career path. I needed to reset my goals and find out who and what I was capable of becoming.

I didn’t have a clue how to begin.

There were no networking groups to join. No industry blogs to read or social media connections to make. There were no marketing courses or female mentors. I remember being a scared but determined young girl who entered the direct marketing industry by accident. The career gods shined down on me the day I accepted a position at the Direct Mail Marketing Association. I was hired as the Insurance Council Administrator. My job was to coordinate and guide the largest insurance carriers in Life, Health, and Property & Casualty through the challenges, changes and growth the industry was experiencing.

The rest, as they say, was history.
From that day forward, I became the CEO of my own career.

As my career progressed, I felt something was missing. I was the sole female shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors at the company I was working for, but I felt there was still more to accomplish. I had built a substantial client base on my own. Thinking of my grandfather, I knew what my next career step should be. So following his entrepreneurial spirit, I started Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc. in 1990. Many of the clients of the firm today have been with me since our inception. I have created marketing campaigns for more than 40 different financial services companies. With my passion for the insurance sector, I established myself as a thought leader in a challenging industry. I have been privileged to collaborate with brilliant talented marketers across many verticals.

Working with our clients, partners and my team has made me a better marketer and team leader.

My ability to challenge conventional wisdom with unconventional thinking has been the foundation of my success. This is the hallmark of the “Think Different” approach Adrea Rubin Marketing embraces. The proof is in the duration of the firm I built and the results we create.  I believe that one idea can become the seed for greatness. I challenge myself and my team to become better, to innovate, and to learn something new every day.

I did not go to school to be a marketer, or plan to be in this field. I do know that this was the right career path for me. For the past 30 years, I have been proud of the Adrea Rubin Marketing brand. I am also proud of how we continue to grow and meet the needs of our clients and this industry.

I consider myself an Accidental Marketer, and this was an amazing accident.

I made myself a promise a long time ago that I would always make my grandfather proud of me.

I know he is smiling as I tell my story.


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