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The Merry Go Round Of Life

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Life is a Merry Go Round. We make our choice which beautiful horse we want to ride. As the music plays, we all move around a fixed center. There is wonder and excitement. When will the music stop? Will our horse be on the top or will we fall off as we whirl around. We hold on tight but is it inevitable that the ride will come to an end? Do we go around again trying to repeat the wonder we first experienced?

Healthcare Workers Rock!

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude. For anyone who has been sick or lives have been impacted by Covid, it is time to show our continued support. To the unsung health worker heroes we raise our voices in unison. We applaud your tireless devotion. Please share this post and a donation will be…

I Miss Me

It has been 5 months since I left my home in NYC. I moved to Long Island where I hoped COVID19 would not find me. My office in NYC is gathering dust & my favored red leather desk chair remains empty. When we walked out of the office in mid-March, we thought we would return…

Our Passion For All Things Pet

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Our Passion for all Things Pet Watch the video below to hear my personal passion about all things pet. Last week I had the pleasure of sharing some of my thoughts on the rapidly changing pet industry. Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about the pet sector. Thank you…

Pets Giving campaign

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In planning mode for our next Pets Giving campaign. We will continue to celebrate the Animal Human Bond. 

Take a PAWs

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Take a PAWs and watch Oscar and his band mates connect with their friends globally. Thank you, Oscar, for reminding me just how much our pets lift our spirits and see us through the most difficult of times in our lives.

Super Hero

Be the person your dog knows you are. Inside each of us is a Super Hero.  Never forget the strength of your own power.

A Mother’s Love

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Sometimes you find someone and it is so clear that two of you belong together. Your heart feels love and it is like nothing you ever felt before. It is something entirely different. You look into the most beautiful eyes and you see your soul looking back at you. You can imagine your life will…


I’m happy my Pawsome Mother chose me I’m happy about Pet Insurance I’m happy I’m still dancing with my pals I’m happy to have my own Band I’m happy it’s a holiday weekend at the beach

Adrea Rubin Marketing Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its affiliate company, Calibrant Digital

Adrea Rubin Marketing Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its affiliate company, Calibrant Digital. Calibrant is an online marketing and consulting firm that will help its partners in regulated industries including insurance (life, health, property and casualty) and financial services redefine how they use digital. Calibrant creates customized digital experiences for consumers using deep…