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One More Summer

I can feel the passing of summer. Before we realize it, Fall will be upon us. The breezes turn to crisp autumn chill. One More Summer To laugh To come into the light To go on vacation To spend time with cherished friends To feel joy To watch the pounding waves To feel passion To…

The True Lesson of Love

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As I sat inside today in the sweltering heat, I thought about the friends I have made in my life and the memories and times shared. They say if you make one good friend in your lifetime, hold on tight. I found a book tonight that my friend gave to me on a milestone birthday…

In Memoriam . . . A Journey of Sorrow

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In Memoriam . . . A Journey of Sorrow I am posting this blog for anyone who has ever experienced the loss of their beloved animal. I had to make the most painful decision to let my Oscar go on March 12th of 2020. I couldn’t share my profound sorrow about losing him until I…

Super Hero

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Be the person your dog knows you are. Inside each of us is a Super Hero.  Never forget the strength of your own power.

From Flop to Mop – How an Entrepreneur Cleaned Up

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I am an avid movie goer. Many of the movies I see strike a familiar chord within me, but none of them have ever compelled me to write a blog and share my own experiences until “Joy.” Joy is a true modern day Cinderella story about one entrepreneur’s conflict ridden rise to success. The story…

A Mother’s Love

Sometimes you find someone and it is so clear that two of you belong together. Your heart feels love and it is like nothing you ever felt before. It is something entirely different. You look into the most beautiful eyes and you see your soul looking back at you. You can imagine your life will…

What’s in a Name?

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I wish my parents would have consulted an onomastician when they chose my name. They would have learned the meaning and history of the name Adrea with its Latin origin from the Adriatic Sea. Maybe they would have been advised to choose something simple like Mary. What is the first gift we are given after…

An Unsung Hero

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An Unsung Hero . . .

Throughout Black History Month, I read posts by others. I commented on quotes of famous African American women… from Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Shirley Chisholm, and Amanda Gorman. I asked myself, why do we reserve only one month to recognize the accomplishments of Black Americans.


I’m happy my Pawsome Mother chose me I’m happy about Pet Insurance I’m happy I’m still dancing with my pals I’m happy to have my own Band I’m happy it’s a holiday weekend at the beach

International Womens Day 

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International Womens Day For My Sisters Around The World. I Believe We Should… Be Bold. Take Risks. Live Life Freely. Lead by Example. Trust Your Gut. Say What you Feel. Mean What You Say. Be Authentic. Express Gratitude. Believe in Your Power. Exceed Expectations. Dance the Night Away. Skip Down The Street. Don’t Take No…