A Reformed Social Media Grinch

Oscar & The Grinch
When social media first started, I was a “Social Media Grinch”. I couldn’t relate to Facebook and people taking endless selfies and pictures of their food. How could I ever say anything on Twitter in 140 characters? Brevity is not exactly my strong suit.

As a marketer, I knew I had to embrace social media whether I liked it or not. I was not going to let the firm and its clients become extinct due to my own “Social Media Grinchness”.

A year ago, I started a twitter account for my dog Oscar. I wanted to see how the pet community and insurance carriers would engage with Oscar’s brand. In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine the journey on social media that Oscar and I would embark on together. Through Twitter we met and engaged with three dogs and their moms. We spent endless hours tweeting pictures of our dogs and making fun of ourselves. We bonded and became a tight knit group. Our personalities came through our beloved pets as we became real friends.

And then life threw Oscar and me a curve ball. He was diagnosed with cancer. Social media was the last thing on my mind as Oscar and I fought for his survival. This confessed Grinch was wrong about not believing in the power of Social Media. I met three amazing women online who helped pull me through a terrible time. Each day these friends gave me love and support that poured through my computer. Every morning they wrote words of encouragement to Oscar and me. They sent me angel ornaments to watch over Oscar as he got better. My friends called, texted and shared their own personal battles during our difficult time. When I was giving up all hope, they cried with me and helped me believe that Oscar would get well.

As Oscar’s condition improved, they celebrated with me. I owe each of them more than words could ever express. Social Media is truly my own personal miracle.

To my dearest friends that made the “Social Media Grinch” a true believer, I love you to the moon and back again. May the spirit of the Christmas Season last the entire year for each of you.

Merry Christmas to all!



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