Customer Experience Is The Next Competitive Battleground

Not so long ago, every business assumed that the keys to success were the highest quality product, the best value for every dollar spent, and the best customer service. Now all we hear about is providing the best “customer experience.” Did you know that 89% of consumers say they have switched business to a competitor due to a poor customer experience? Tom Knighton said it best, “Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where business is to be won or loss.” So, what does the term “customer experience” really mean? Customer experience is the phrase used to describe the relationship a customer has with a business. Customer experience refers to the total of all experiences the customer has with the business, based on all interactions and thoughts about the business. Bottom line, every part of an organization influences customer perception.

Customer matters more than ever before. They have the power, not the sellers. Who gave them this power the world wide web. Customers are your best resource for growing your organization in a positive way. Their recommendations are more reliable than your marketing and advertising channels. The key to happy customers is when a company delivers a consistent experience throughout the customer journey. Customers generally want and expect the same things.

When a customer’s expectations are met a company will see happy customers, increased revenue and a decrease in costs. So how do you make this happen? Here are five steps you can take today to improve customer experience.

Customers are now in the driver seat. There is always another option. If a company isn’t meeting their needs, it’s pretty easy for them to find an alternative. For companies, that means there’s more opportunity than ever to gain and lose customers quickly. While price and product do matter today’s customers are also shopping for a better experience. Customers are looking for companies that understand their needs, make their lives easier, and treat them with appreciation and respect. When companies prioritize the experiences and the needs of their customers they gain the competitive advantage.

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