From Flop to Mop – How an Entrepreneur Cleaned Up

flop-mop.jpI am an avid movie goer. Many of the movies I see strike a familiar chord within me, but none of them have ever compelled me to write a blog and share my own experiences until “Joy.” Joy is a true modern day Cinderella story about one entrepreneur’s conflict ridden rise to success. The story is based on Joy Mangano, an American inventor, business woman and entrepreneur. It is Joy’s unwavering belief in herself against what could have been insurmountable odds that pushed her to develop the Miracle Mop. Bolstered by her grandmother’s faith in her abilities, Joy overcomes all adversity that stands in her way of creating and selling the mop. Taking control of the commercial time on QVC to sell the mop after a clueless male counterpart failed to sell the product, she saves her creation from “Mopland obscurity”. Joy Mangano became a true rags to riches success story. She eventually sold her company to HSN in 1999 for over 115 million dollars.

Joy’s struggle made me reflect on a time in my own life when I too was floundering with no clear cut direction. I remember when the highlight of my week was comparing the suds level of a new clothes detergent against my neighbor’s name brand as I sat and watched the washing machine go round and round. My mind and spirit were suffering from doing mundane household chores and I was wildly unhappy.

I wanted desperately to use my own voice, like Joy, in a sales career. My ultimate goal was to have my own company with my name on the door. Joy’s product revolutionized the American floor cleaning industry. I didn’t know what product or services I could sell. Once I entered the direct marketing industry, I began to flourish. Since that time many years ago, I never stopped pursuing my own voice and Adrea Rubin Marketing has been in existence for 30 years.

Joy and I have in common unique stories of having to rely on our own voices to vanquish life’s hard knocks. We both suffered personal adversity, failed marriages, and found the passion and determination we needed to succeed in spite of it all. Joy conquered the thankless task of mopping with the creation of the Miracle Mop.

The movie reminded me of some simple, but true lessons that I learned throughout my career.

Lessons from a Joyful Entrepreneur

  • Depend on your own actions to create success.
  • Dream big and go for it.
  • Never ever accept the status quo. Good is never good enough.
  • Accept adversity in life. Use this as an opportunity to create a new path of greatness.
  • Develop and nourish long term relationships.
  • Be your own personal brand.
  • Create products and services that clients fall in love with over and over again. Do not aim for a one time sale no matter how large.

My real middle name is Joy. I use the initial J on all correspondence and documents I sign. I did buy the Miracle Mop on HSN because I was so intrigued by Joy’s story. I do not ever plan on wringing out that mop head no matter how great the product is. But I do and will continue to support all Woman Entrepreneurs that continue to dream big and pursue the next great idea. There is Joy in each of us.

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