It has been 5 months since I left my home in NYC. I moved to Long Island where I hoped COVID19 would not find me. My office in NYC is gathering dust & my favored red leather desk chair remains empty. When we walked out of the office in mid-March, we thought we would return in two weeks.

As I write this, the stillness of the night and the moon envelop me. I can see stars clearly from my makeshift office. I find solace being alone with my thoughts. I need to be in the present and to dream. I need to find balance in a world full of chaos that I cannot control.

I feel safer 100 miles away from my apartment in New York. But I miss me. I miss looking forward to seeing my staff each day. I miss their smiles when they greeted me. I miss knowing that we share the rhythm of our lives. I miss our play times and the good times. I miss our summer outing where we made new memories. I miss watching their individual growth. I miss collaboration where great ideas are born and take flight. I miss being an in-person leader.

I miss all the experiences I took for granted that made me happy. I miss sitting on the beach carefree dreaming of everything and nothing. I miss the ritual of going to the movies each weekend. I miss Broadway and the neon lights of the marquees. I miss retail stores. I miss milestone celebrations. I miss traveling to places I have never been. I miss the power of human touch and wrapping my arms around those I love.

I do not know how much longer we will have to continue with this. I miss NYC and my team.

I miss life’s magic and promise. 

I miss me.



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