Insurance Jingles: Not Just Bologna

The right tagline or commercial jingle stays with consumers long after they hear it on the radio or see it on television.  The most enduring slogans become a part of pop culture and are remembered for years.

Can you match the companies to the following jingles?

  • ‘Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, oh what a relief it is…’
  • ‘Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…’
  • ‘My bologna has a first name…’
  • ‘See the USA in your…’
  • ‘The best part of waking up is…’
    (*answers at the bottom)

While I personally do not remember many slogans or jingles, the ones I do remember, with total clarity are related to insurance advertising and branding.
While most people would think that this is an odd category of companies to relate to, it makes sense for me since I have spent my entire career focused on insurance marketing.  Insurance marketing is evolving in many new and exciting directions.  Regardless of the changes in the industry, such as new distribution channels like selling insurance in Walmart (‘Save Money. Live Better.’ ) or new products that focus on care-giving from Genworth (‘No bias.  Just good advice.’), branding is a critical factor in selling insurance.

A carrier’s brand and tagline is the first impression the consumer receives about the company.  The taglines must reflect a unique value proposition and clearly identify how the insurance company will help its policy holders.  I believe the tagline needs to be clear, concise and honest.  The few words should reflect trust, expertise, reliability and financial stability.  The message should be trustworthy, comforting and heartfelt.  A recent Google/Harvard study counted 1,013,913 words in the English language.  An insurance carrier needs to select the best 4-8 words out of the million plus choices to be relevant to its customers.

While creating a brand promise in a few words is not an easy task, there are several companies who have done this very well:

  • Aflac – ‘We’ve got you under our wing.’
  • Colonial Penn – ‘We make insurance simple.’
  • Geico – ’15 minutes can save you 15%’
  • Humana – ‘Guidance.  When you need it most.’
  • Nationwide – ‘On your side’.
  • Physicians Mutual – ‘Insurance for all of us.’

AIG, a company that needed to rebuild its’ reputation, has just rebranded its global business.  As a part of the rebranding initiative, they have introduced a new brand promise: ‘Bring on tomorrow’.  This tagline was chosen, according to AIG Life and Retirement President and Chief Executive Officer Jay Wintrob because it “fits well with our role as a premier provider of protection, investment, and income solutions that prepare our customers for a successful future.”  This three-word tagline has a lot to deliver.

For many consumers, insurance is a difficult purchase.  It can be a complicated, nerve-wracking and expensive.  Many consumers may base their purchase decision on recommendations from peers or family or they may chose based on price.  For others, the need to research a company as well as its product options is critical.  While the right slogan or jingle will not be the deciding factor for this type of purchase, it can certainly open the door or make the consumer more confident with their choice.  They like to think that they are “in good hands”.

*Alka Seltzer, Big Mac (McDonald’s), Oscar Meyer, Chevrolet, Folgers


Adrea Rubin