Like Pizza, Multichannel Marketing (done correctly) is the Combination of Perfect Ingredients


This past Friday, ARM held its annual Summer outing: a fun-filled afternoon learning how to make and bake the perfect pizza at Pizza a Casa in New York City (#pizzaschool).

We learned how all of the unique ingredients work together, just like the ARM team executing a successful multichannel marketing campaign.  The right balance of flavor, texture, consistency, and skill consistently produces a tasty, well-balanced pie.

In our world, that means:

  • Choosing the Right List (the ‘flavor’): the data makes all the difference.  We identify the best data sources and segments for an impactful campaign;
  • Creative Consultation (the ‘texture’): messaging is key.  We help you tailor your creative for maximum response;
  • Media Selection (the ‘consistency’): the right media mix can improve your overall marketing efforts.  We recommend the most appropriate balance of complementary offline and online channels for deployment;
  • Baking (the ‘skill’): execution and timing play a big part.  We coordinate the deployment and intelligently interpret the results.

Success in multichannel marketing is a cumulative process of testing, building, and accurately applying the learnings to the next effort.  Now THAT’S a pizza!

Here we are, enjoying the fruits of our labor.

From our table to yours: buon appetito!