Ode to A Client

The year was 1990. Two life changing events occurred at the same time. The code for the Worldwide Web was finished and I opened my own business. I had left a firm where I was a shareholder and the only female on the Executive Board. I had developed a significant client base in Financial Services. Life was good. Yet all of us come to a cross roads in our lives for one reason or another. I had reached mine. I had a difficult choice to make. Do I stay with what was known and comfortable or bet on myself? For me it was then or never. As the dreams of a gold watch from my former firm faded away, the entrepreneurial spirit I had burned deep inside me. Adrea Rubin Marketing opened its doors on September 2, 1990.

I remember that first day at 44th Street which would be the firm’s home for 20 years. I threw my back out for the first time ever and limped in to our new offices. With uncertainty, anxiety, and searing muscle back spasms, I began to call every client whose business I worked on previously. I did not know what their reaction would be to my announcing that I had opened my own firm. Adrea Rubin Marketing was my dream. It did not have to be theirs. With every call I made and the unconditional support I received , the back pain lessened.

To my total amazement, 100% of the clients, whose business I was proud to be associated with, followed me to my new entity. Plants arrived from them larger than our ceiling height. Congratulatory notes arrived from competitors, partners and even people I didn’t know. Even with all of the good wishes, I kept my muscle relaxers in the office for two weeks just in case anyone changed their mind.

Throughout the years, I have often thought about what has allowed us to achieve sustainability in a competitive industry that is undergoing rapid expansion and evolution. The answer always remains the same. At the core of our firm, whether it is 1990 or 2020, are our clients. Simplistic as this may seem, their challenges are ours, their successes we celebrate, and the rewards are shared by all. The foundation which I built my reputation and business on remains today 30 years later. I am humbled by and proud of the long term relationships we have with our clients. Many of these relationships have lasted through several client key personnel changes, ownership, and organizational restructuring. I treasure the relationships where the firm is considered part of the institutional memory and continue to remain a valued partner, while forging new relationships.

My first insurance client that started with me before I ever considered venturing out on my own, has been with me more than 3 decades. Other clients have been a part of our rich history for 30 years and more. In the rapidly changing business environment of today, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to each and every one of you who have been with me since before the beginning of Adrea Rubin Marketing. To all of our clients who continue to be a part of our journey, we value you more than words can express. We raise a glass of champagne and toast to you with a heartfelt thank you.


Always, Adrea




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