The Merry Go Round Of Life

Life is a Merry Go Round. We make our choice which beautiful horse we want to ride. As the music plays, we all move around a fixed center. There is wonder and excitement. When will the music stop? Will our horse be on the top or will we fall off as we whirl around. We hold on tight but is it inevitable that the ride will come to an end? Do we go around again trying to repeat the wonder we first experienced?

To my Sisters around the world… I believe we should: Be bold. Trust your gut. Live your life with passion. Say what you feel. Don’t hold back. Be authentic. Express your gratitude. Believe in your power. Be your best self. Lead by example. Show empathy and compassion. Pay it forward. Exceed expectations. Don’t look back. Raise up others. Celebrate women’s achievements. Help those less fortunate. Make a difference. Never take anything for granted.

I choose to live my own truth… dare to dream… to dance the night away… and skip down the street with wonder and excitement. I will forever go for the Brass Ring as the Merry Go Round of Life continues to move me forward.

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