The time is now to Declare War on Your Thoughts

Dear Adrea:

The time is now to Declare War on Your Thoughts. You have always asked “Why” throughout your entire career. There were times yours was the loudest and only voice in the room. You had to prove you deserved to be heard. You were labeled as controversial. Some even thought you were difficult. One client called you a Pit Bull. You fought for what you believed and never accepted mediocrity.

The word No did not exist in your vocabulary. This philosophy continues today. Each night I lie in bed and ask myself how do I prevent the virus from defeating my business? Your life will change and future fallout from Covid 19 will be felt for years to come. You are one voice amongst many. But Adrea now is the time for Dangerous Thinking. To buck convention and stare the enemy down. Go against the grain and Declare War on outdated thinking. Disrupt the status quo. Dare to dream and make it a reality.

Challenge yourself and staff to imagine the possible and impossible equally. Everyone has a seat at the new virtual table. All voices are getting louder. This is how the magic happens.

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