You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too


I want to share with you the best one-to-one marketing campaign I have personally experienced. Every year on my birthday, I visit my money in either Atlantic City or Las Vegas. I am a bored quarter slot machine player who is unable to pick a number at roulette on her way to lose at the black jack table by splitting a pair of Kings. I certainly wouldn’t bet on my winning streak in any casino. I am just another small time gambler who enjoys the thrill of the game. And I have nothing on Daniel Negreanu, one of the world champions of Poker. But what I do know is good marketing.

Since Borgata Hotel and Casino opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I have been a loyal customer. I visit a few times a year, eat in their restaurants, and don’t even have a casino host to help me make a reservation. Imagine my surprise when I received the note below on October 26th:


Borgata sent me a beautiful chocolate birthday cake. Adrea Rubin, the insignificant gambler, who returns year after year to visit her losses was celebrated and remembered on her birthday.

One-to-one marketing makes a unique product offering for each customer. It can be used for determining a consumer’s needs and their lifetime value to a company. In this consumer choice world we all live in, we must interact with our customers and personalize our products and services to give the customer exactly what they want. Borgata certainly knows how to run a loyalty marketing campaign.

Birthday marketing is a proven strategy to help grow sales. A wise friend of mine believes that we must make our customers fall in love with our products and services over and over again. Borgata has definitely made me fall in extreme like this year. Watch out, Steve Wynn.  I can’t wait to see what Dave Coskey has in store for me next year – I may just have to increase my bet!


Adrea Rubin