Insurance Companies and Banks Give Back After Hurricane Sandy

hurricane-sandy-relief-338x209-300x185In the wake of the storms that have hit the New York tri-state area, my hometown, it is heartwarming to see how many people are providing relief to those in need. I typically use this to talk about marketing.  As a firm that specializes in marketing for financial services organizations, I am glad that many of the companies I have worked with are lending a helping hand.  This week, I want to commend the corporations and businesses who have provided donations to the relief efforts. Here is a sample of some of the companies who are providing significant contributions directed towards the victims of Hurricane Sandy:
    • Aetna
    • Allstate
    • HSBC
    • JPMorganChase
    • MassMutual
    • MetLife
    • Nationwide
    • New York Life
    • Prudential
    • The Hartford
    • Wells Fargo
Many of these companies are donating to the American Red Cross as well as local recovery efforts in New Jersey and New York.  In addition to the corporate donations, some of these companies are also matching donations made by their employees as part of their matching contribution programs. If you wish to donate, I have provided links for the American Red Cross, the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, and the Salvation Army. American Red Cross Community Food Bank of NJ Salvation Army Also, Pet Plan is raising money on behalf of the North Shore Animal League’s emergency pet rescue efforts.  Click here to donate. In times of need, every donation counts.  The personal stories that are shared by my friends and coworkers about the people they know are hard to hear and uplifting all at the same time.   As a proud New Yorker, I know everyone is grateful for all of the support. Always, Adrea Rubin