Client Case Study

Automotive Insurance Carrier



A long-term ARM client needed to find new data sources for a multi-channel automotive insurance campaign targeted to a specific professional association.

Initially, a change in the carrier’s internal marketing strategy caused the insurer to cease acquiring external, third party data sources.

ARM was re-engaged when the client realized that third party data would be essential for a pilot grow initiative. ARM was tasked with:
  • Procuring unlimited-use data for a 12-month trial
  • Identify and negotiate direct and email lists seeking:
    • the best qualified data
    • at the optimal price


In order to meet our client’s cost parameters we needed to procure data and separate primary source compliers from the re-sellers data.

First, ARM needed to identify niche populations nationally.

Second, ARM needed to determine the metrics:

  • cost of data
  • quality of data

Automotive Insurance


We were able to identify unique data sources and eliminate duplications.
  • First wave of the program completed successfully.
  • Continuing data acquisition over several years.
  • Identified additional audiences for long-term development.
  • Data costs were more efficient than prior engagements.


Based upon the success of this pilot program, the client has expanded target populations.