Women in Data: So you think you can lead?

As marketers focus on trying to transform their business to keep pace with shifting consumer behaviors there is a fundamental issue at the core of most organizations that’ hindering innovation: equal representation.

Much like the advertising, tech and media industries, the data industry has to focus on preventing gender bias and bring to light discussions that will help organizations evolve appropriately.
It’s no secret that companies benefit from having female representation and women leaders whether it’s improved communication, creativity and innovation or better decision-making and a more empathetic perspective.

In this session, DMA Board Member Stacey Hawes, President, Data at Epsilon will be joined by Adrea Rubin, CEO, Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc. and other female leaders in the industry as they share lessons from women leaders about best practices for promoting women in data organizations. Attendees will learn from challenges panelists had to overcome in their own careers, how to advocate for women in business and how to apply leadership lessons to foster a culture of diversity, inclusion and innovation.

  • Stacey Hawes

    President, Data PracticeEpsilon

  • Debbie Coomer

    Senior director, marketing analytics and Customer insightsULTA Beauty

  • Andrea Casanova

    Viking CruisesDirector of Database Marketing

  • Adrea Rubin

    Chief Executive OfficerAdrea Rubin Marketing, Inc.

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