Doggone it! Have a Happy New Year!

My name is Oscar. I live in New York City with my pet parents. I am an only child. My mother owns a direct response agency specializing in Financial Services. Together, we decided that 2014 would be a year of education on the value of Pet Insurance and how important it is for me and my friends.   Through my previous blog posts, I think we have accomplished that goal.

OscarNewYears1As I get ready for a barking good time at my New Year’s Eve party, my thoughts turn to 2015.  While I adjust my bowtie, check on the chilled champagne and gourmet biscuits, I realize that dogs have New Year’s resolutions too.

I, Oscar, resolve to do the following in 2015:

  • Eat good food to be ruff and ready for more exercise at dog park
  • Brush my white teeth and maintain wellness with checkups and vaccinations
  • Maintain my youthful appearance (no Botox for dogs)
  • Lose bulk from too many holiday treats
  • Be more accepting of all God’s creatures
  • Learn new tricks (I’m not that old!)
  • Find a soul mate on PetFinder.com
  • Donate gently used dog beds, clothing and toys to Shelters for pals in need
  • Help my pet parents spend less on me and save more for my retirement
  • Devote more time to “quality” naps
  • Organize my toys
  • Renovate my dog house
  • Spend more time running on the beach
  • Stop wearing emotions on my tail
  • Hide pet parent’s IPad and phones so they spend more quality time with me
  • Meet animal idols in the Insurance Industry – Aflac Duck; GEICO’s Gecko, Maxwell the Pig, and Mike the Camel; MetLife’s Snoopy; The Hartford Stag
  • Do something nice for the animals I don’t know or even like

I believe that if you put your resolutions out to the universe, you are more likely to accomplish more throughout the year.  This is my way of being accountable for my goals in 2015

As the ball begins to drop at midnight in Times Square and fireworks light up the sky, my friends and I will be howling and barking Auld Lang Syne to say goodbye to 2014.  Most of us will need to take the “Hair of the Dog” in the morning to counteract the effects of overindulging in the bubbly.

At the start of the New Year, my mother and I wish you new dreams, new experiences, and new joys in 2015.  Happy New Year to all!




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