Harly Announcing Competiscan Webinar

Raise the Woof! My name is Harly. I’m the Howler in training at Adrea Rubin Marketing.


I’m excited to howl that my mother, Adrea Rubin, will be sharing her insights on the pet industry in the upcoming webinar “Pet Insurance Insights” with CEO Richard Goldman of Competiscan.


Animals find their pet parents and I picked a winner! I’m proud to have a mother with so much compassion for the human-animal bond.


My brother Oscar, the Chief Bark Officer, told me it started with her dream of bringing pet insurance into the United States. Her personal mission was to give a Voice to the Voiceless, especially for puppies like me. With the rapid growth in the pet sector, her dream is reality.


My mother has specialized in the insurance sector for over 30 years. She has sniffed out marketing tactics for all things pet. She was recognized in 2020 with the Gold Stevie Award For Women in Business for her “tail” of creating animal communities around the world through social media. She is truly a breed apart!


Won’t you join us on June 8th for the podcast – I know I’ll be there!! Click this link to register.





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