National Take Your Pet to Work Day

Dear Mother:

In case your memory has failed you, I wanted to remind you today is National Take Your Pet to Work Day. Started in 1999, this holiday helped promote pet adoptions too.

But let’s go back to the first time I gazed into your soulful beautiful blue eyes. They say that dogs find their owners. I chose you with your long blonde hair and Shalimar perfume. I knew you had a kind heart. Dogs can sense these things. What I didn’t know for sure was how wonderful the life we would share. From a dog park on our street in New York City to a beach house on the weekends, I hit the jackpot with you as my Mom. A stranger from Texas traveled to bring me to you. I was worried that after losing your beloved Hampton four months earlier, I could never fill his paws. I was wrong.

Many nights we sit together on the den couch. You share your deepest fears and I listen. We watch all of your dumb reality shows together after many long days at work. You even wanted me to become the first dog Bachelor. You promised that Chris Harrison would give me my favorite cookies. This is the only fight we ever had  – I put my paws down and said “NO!”

You taught me to believe that nothing was impossible. I am not afraid of any dog big or small. I treat everyone equally from children who are not so gentle when they pet me, to the largest of Bernadoodles who I want to ride like a pony.

I couldn’t bear it when you would leave me to go to work. Someone needed to bring me home the Bacon… just not you. COVID19 has changed everyone’s world. We left New York City on March 16th and I haven’t looked back. Every day for four months we spent together since you are now working from home. I never want this dream to end, and do not want you to go back to your office.  I know I am lucky that you and I get to spend all of this time together. I also realized that more than 4 million pets were adopted or fostered during these dark times. For many humans who are alone or isolated, our presence brought joy and comfort. Now that people are beginning to return to work, many of my friends are being returned.  Sadly the empty shelters are starting to fill up again. Love should not be temporary.  I wish all of these pets find their furever home soon and can participate in next year’s Bring Your Pet to Work day.

I realized that home is wherever you are, mother. You are truly one of a kind. Now if I can just get you to agree to wear a designer leash and an identity chip in case you get lost.

Many Woofs,

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