Oscar – A tail of Survival

Baby OscarMy name is Oscar. I have cancer. Two weeks ago I was a happy puppy who loved to go to the park and play with my friends. On a routine exam, my veterinarian found what turned out to be a large tumor.

I have written blogs in the past about taking care of your pet and purchasing pet insurance. Click here to read the first blog I ever wrote.

As I use my paws to type this blog, I do not know if it will be my last one. My prognosis looks grim. I had surgery a week ago but I am getting worse and not better. My parents would do anything to save my life.

I want to tell everyone who has a pet to please remember how important it is to love your dog by purchasing pet insurance when they are young. You will spare your pet, and yourselves, the heartache of having to make very difficult choices during times of unexpected crisis.

Did you know that cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease related pet deaths each year? My parents have spared no expense with my treatment in the last week to try and stave off the aggressive tumor I had surgically removed. I am on multiple medications that are given to humans from Pepcid for nausea to Tramadol for pain.

Veterinary care accounts for 14 billion dollars annually. My doctors did the same medical treatments on me that are used on humans to determine if my cancer had spread to other organs. I had ultrasounds, x-rays, sophisticated blood panels, and biopsies for determining the grade of tumor I had removed. My family needs to know the prognosis for my recovery and quality of life I have left if I survive. They have become part of the statistic that every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a pet bill for over $3000.

I am fortunate that my parents are able to afford my care. If they were not able to pay to help me fight the cancer that is now ravaging my body, I would not be able to write this blog at all. When a pet parent has a new puppy who is wagging their tail, no owner wants to think about how long their pet will live and what illness they may have years later. Pet insurance helps you maintain your pets wellness and give you peace of mind should you have hospital stays, diagnostic tests and surgery like I did. An average monthly premium is between $30 and $100.

I hope my story will make you think about giving your beloved pet a Gift of Life by purchasing a pet insurance plan today.

After all, doesn’t your best friend deserve the best care possible?



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