Pet Insurance: the Doctor Will See You Now

My name is Oscar. I have written a blog about Pet Insurance in the past.

I recently got a new job. Unlike my human parents, I am not guaranteed health insurance by my employer. I need to maintain my good health and sparkling white teeth. There is also no disability insurance for me if I hurt my paw and can’t work. Just like my one million friends in North America Oscar-Rubin-legal-counselwho have pet insurance, I want the same coverage for me and all my other uninsured pals.

Did you know that veterinary care accounts for 16 billion dollars annually? The reason this number is so high is our pet doctors recommend many of the same advanced medical treatments available to humans. Pet insurance works a lot like human health insurance. If you decide to take me or Shaggy (my girlfriend) to any vet who is out of network, you pay directly and submit the claim. Pet insurance covers illness, accidents (not the ones we leave on the rug), checkups, vaccinations, spaying and neutering (ouch!).

September was Life Insurance Awareness month for humans. It was also Pet Health Insurance Month for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and birds.  While I am a pure breed, they also insure mixed breeds like golden doodles.

Every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a pet bill for over $1,000.00. My friends and I realize some pet parents can afford to spend more money than others. While an average policy costs about $30-$50 a month, a more comprehensive policy with a deductible and annual payout limit of $15,000 could run over $100 a month in premium. That is a lot of money that could be used to buy me more toys to play with and bones to chew. I am a very lucky dog because my pet mother owns a direct marketing agency and my pet father is a successful lawyer.  Nearly 50% of pet owners have taken on debt to cover veterinary care.

Each day, 70,000 new puppies and kittens are born. The best time to purchase pet insurance is when your pet is young. On behalf of my dog friends, I feel that I should remind pet parents about the benefits of keeping us healthy with Pet Insurance.

After all, aren’t we all Man’s Best Friend?



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