Social Media – It Ain’t No Dog

Baby OscarI am so eager to tell all my blog readers that I have learned that there are other places to make friends than just at the dog park! This year my mother’s direct marketing agency helped me setup my own Twitter account.

When I was just a pup, I never thought I would be doing something called “tweeting.” But, let me tell you that with Twitter, the amount of potential new friends for me seems endless! Did you know there are 288 million people on twitter? I wonder how many are four vs. two-legged.

There are more pups to tweet with, even outside of my hometown – New York City! I made buddies from all over America and even overseas. Never did I think this would happen – an ocean is way too large to doggie paddle across.

With social media, I do not need to worry about doggie paddling so far to talk to my fellow canines. I’ve made friends with dogs of the Heinz 57 variety, Goldendoodles and other dogs in my breed – Coton de Tulear. The first Twitter friend I made is Toby from Illinois. Together, Toby and I have made even more friends.

snoopdogzIn fact a few of my friends (Hi Hiru, LJ, and Toby!) and I plan on making a club for us cool canines called Snoopdogz4. We’ve also given us cool new names: T-Bone, Shades (that’s me), Ninja and Bond. Our club will allow me to keep some of my new year’s resolutions.

Through our club, the four of us plan to spread the love of dogs (and other pets) worldwide, by highlighting the importance of finding lost pets, the power of adoption, and the value of pet insurance. My mother’s company is working on our new website for us soon to give us more support. It is hard to type when you have paws, so I rely on my hu-mom to help share our message.

In addition to finding friends, I have found that there are more positives to Twitter. As you may have guessed by the fact that I am blogging, I am one vocal dog with a lot to say. Social media gives me the audience for people and pups to listen. I have 400 people following me and reading all I have to bark about.

Thank you, social media. You have brought me new buddies and given me a place to tell the world about all that my pals and I find important.

Please follow me @Oscarthedog_ARM. I bark about all things dog. My mother believes in giving back and being kind to others. Together, she and I wish only the best for the four legged world. I am fortunate to have a wonderful life and want to help those who are not as lucky. After all, aren’t we all God’s creatures?


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