One More Summer

I can feel the passing of summer. Before we realize it, Fall will be upon us. The breezes turn to crisp autumn chill. One More …

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The True Lesson of Love

As I sat inside today in the sweltering heat, I thought about the friends I have made in my life and the memories and times …

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An Unsung Hero

An Unsung Hero . . .

Throughout Black History Month, I read posts by others. I commented on quotes of famous African American women… from Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Shirley Chisholm, and Amanda Gorman. I asked myself, why do we reserve only one month to recognize the accomplishments of Black Americans.

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The Miracle Of Love

The Miracle Of Love . . . .

Nearly a year ago, out of the dark days of COVID, a miracle was born. It moved me to tears in so many ways. A little girl named Penelope came into the world. She was born out of love from two wonderful people I cherish.

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The Merry Go Round Of Life

Life is a Merry Go Round. We make our choice which beautiful horse we want to ride. As the music plays, we all move around a fixed center. There is wonder and excitement. When will the music stop? Will our horse be on the top or will we fall off as we whirl around. We hold on tight but is it inevitable that the ride will come to an end? Do we go around again trying to repeat the wonder we first experienced?

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Healthcare Workers Rock!

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude. For anyone who has been sick or lives have been impacted by Covid, it is time to …

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