Here’s What We Do — We Think Differently

As a Direct Response Marketing Firm with a Different View, ARM provides innovative, data-driven solutions that deliver marketing insight for profitable growth. As a strategic partner, we help clients acquire, retain and reactivate customers. We accomplish this by our “Think Different” approach. We develop marketing strategies that are unique, and create executable plans utilizing data and media. Our goal is to grow your business, using all the tools, techniques, knowledge, and skills we have acquired over decades of strategic marketing and client service.

We help turn data into meaningful insights.

We help our clients determine which products best suit specific consumer needs. We carefully analyze existing data to more accurately identify where the consumer is in their buying cycle. That allows us to create the best messages to:
  • Communicate with prospects and current customers
  • Reactivate lapsed customers
  • Develop new markets
  • Increase the lifetime value of a customer
  • Identify and evaluate the long-term potential of emerging markets
Prior to recommending our marketing strategies, we apply the following process to our client’s objectives:
  • Comprehensive assessment of client’s goals and objectives
  • Analyze current and former customers and target audiences
  • Identify product benefits and key differentiators
  • Review existing marketing strategies to determine past successes and failures
  • Optimize consumer media preference
  • Identify and expand on areas of opportunity
  • Utilize competitive intelligence to determine most appropriate marketing strategy

We develop engaging, multichannel experiences that reach customers.

We make sure you’re not just sending messages, but also having a conversation with your customers and prospects. When you educate consumers, you instill value in your brand. We provide you with the data insights you need to get the most out of your customer base. These insights are crucial to understanding your customers’ perspective, communicating to them in a way they’ll be most receptive to, and growing their trust in your brand along the way.

We deliver unique insights that drive profitable marketing solutions.

Our insights allow you to see your brand and products the way consumers see them. Through a powerful combination of customer research, advanced analytics, and strategic consulting, we gather the tools and information your business needs to make all the right marketing decisions. We do this by creating meaningful, personalized customer experiences based on insights into their behavior. Consumers see an average of 50,000 advertising messages a day—but when you truly understand your customers’ needs, wants, and values, you’ll be able to make sure your message stand out. That’s an invaluable competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Craft marketing strategies with our “Think Different” approach for client’s messaging to stand out from competitors. Blend traditional marketing with new opportunities to create new revenue streams.
Adrea Rubin has been an integral part of Colonial Penn’s long term success. The team’s insight about the competitive marketplace is an asset. We value their ability to evolve with the changing consumer landscape. – Colonial Penn