Alternate Media

Alternate Media/ Insert Media

Different Perspectives, Different Possibilities

ARM includes alternate media programs as a component of our marketing strategy. We offer media planning and buying for an extensive variety of media programs. These programs often include package insert programs, space ads in magazines and newspapers, shared mail programs, digital programs and other unique partnership opportunities. Incorporating these media tactics in an overall multichannel campaign strategy creates a brand reinforcement across channels that are proven to increase your response rates.

By understanding your needs and goals we can effectively create the proper insert media strategy.

Each of our clients has specific and unique objectives and ROI goals. That’s why we give you a detailed and customized plan based on your exact needs. By understanding your goals, we effectively construct a unique media strategy for you. We continually research new opportunities for you in untapped markets and media. This allows you to achieve better efficiencies in your campaign. Our plans are not only tailored to your parameters, but also deliver consistency within your cross channel marketing campaigns to acquire new customers.

Insert media lets us reach customers with merchandise in hand, when they’re still riding the high of a recent purchase and are most likely to repeat the behavior. It creates marketing efforts that not only stand strong on their own, but that also compliment messages in other channels.

Clients rely on our knowledge and experience to deliver marketing strategies in new media channels with the greatest impact.