Acquire, Retain and Monetize Consumers from the Inside Out

Companies work with us to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and monetize all customer interactions. We use our insight and experience to leverage the relevant demographic, economic, transactional and behavioral data available. We carefully analyze attitudinal, lifestyle and psychographic data. Our team uses this intelligence to develop and inform strategy, and activate successful direct marketing programs.

Analytics provides a quantitative view into a variety of important drivers of consumer consideration, including: Demographics, Lifestyle, Behavioral, Attitudinal Interests, Channel Preference, Response, Purchase and Payment Propensity.

Predicting Behaviors with Precision— leverage the power of data and analytics.

Using data profiling and modeling techniques, ARM provides our clients with valuable insights to predict their behavior with the utmost precision. Through these insights, we are able to create solutions that optimize campaigns, helping increase a customer’s lifetime value. The information gained from building these profiles and models help us craft marketing strategies with our “Think Different” approach that allows our client’s offers and messaging to stand out from competitors.

The ARM team facilitates custom models and profiles, which support the following tactics and strategies:

  • Customer acquisition response / conversion
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Customer retention / reactivation
Our insights give you the best chance of turning interactions into transactions.

Understand Your Audience.

We see things from your customers’ perspective. By combining analytics with predictive modeling to identify untapped opportunities, we are able to pinpoint who is the most loyal to you and why, and then figure how to build that loyal customer base as effectively as possible.

Anticipate Customer Behavior.

Uncovering actionable insights in customer behavior drives customer acquisition and retention while maximizing your bottom line. Customer models will help identify the people who will react most positively to your product or service.

Acquire New Prospects.

Our expert insights help decide which of your prospects has the highest likelihood of positive response. Reach your ideal customers by optimizing resources and suppressing consumers outside of your target market.

It’s always important to periodically evaluate your marketing campaign for efficiency, and use detailed and quantitative insight to increase the efficiency of your efforts. With ARM, you can leverage the power of data and analytics; we will work with you to attain greater return on investment, better performance, and deeper understanding of your customers.

Use our insight and experience to leverage the power of data and analytics.

Involved in a 360-degree view of marketing — product, messaging, media channel, distribution.

Maximizing the lifetime value of every customer you serve now and will serve in the future.