Competitive Inteligence

Competitive Intelligence

Keeping Your Competitors In View

We know that our clients need to see the competitive marketplace from the consumer’s point of view.

Insights gained through our competitive intelligence research allow clients the opportunity to develop marketing campaigns, messaging, and products that differentiate themselves from other offers and messages in the market place.

We create custom presentations to provide our clients with a general market overview, and then we drill down to specific product insights. That helps us develop a customized marketing program designed to meet their specific needs.

Our competitive intelligence assessments include:

  • Number of competitors and competitive products
  • Unique marketing messages and product attributes
  • Trends in the marketplace
  • Consumer buying patterns
  • Media channel usage

Understanding customer behavior is the key to competitive intelligence.

Our business intelligence and customer engagement observations are tailored to your specific needs, and allow you to make efficient marketing decisions. ARM provides marketers with the latest business intelligence data. This allows us to present intuitive, customized insights to drive growth and efficiency. This optimizes your ability to inform activities such as strategy planning and campaign optimization.

Illustrates the big picture as it relates to the message, products, media channel, and customer experience.