Data Monetization

Data Monetization

Many companies make their customer files available for rental to supplement their revenue, or to fund their acquisition efforts. ARM views your business from the inside out and determines the value of your data. We guide you through the process of bringing your data asset to market—either through list rental and/or by creating an alternate media program.

Using our highly effective strategic approach, the ARM team has decades of collective experience in data product development by:

  • Identifying prospective, unique data sets.
  • Monetizing these data sets through targeted sales.
  • Building and growing long-term, sustained revenue opportunities.

We leverage our long-standing relationships with data brokers and the end users. We find synergies between their target audience and your customer file. With wide-ranging partnerships, we can enhance your data for internal or external purposes with over 1,000 variables. To maintain control over your data, we establish best practices that allow you to determine who has access to your file.

Data-Driven Solutions Deliver Marketing Insight for Profitable Growth.

ARM will help you determine whether your marketing data is producing the bottom line revenue it should. We employ a forecasting model for your data that accurately predicts the revenue you should be earning. We conduct a thorough analysis, encompassing virtually every detail of your transactional data, to determine how this revenue can be generated. We create a lucrative marketing monetization plan that establishes real objectives with clear timetables and accountability.

Partner with Leading Data Aggregators to Create Unique Data Assets.

ARM works with leading data aggregators to create unique data assets. These data assets allow us to identify newly defined segments of the consumer population at every stage of the marketing channel. By further segmenting the population, our clients can effectively target new prospects and maximize the lifetime value of existing customers.

Our experience in creating new data assets keeps us on the cutting edge of the evolving data landscape—keeping our clients ahead of the curve. ARM differentiates itself from its competitors through our efforts to expand verticals, our unique segmentation insights, and our commitment to customer service.

Effectively target new prospects and maximize the lifetime value of existing customers.

Partner with top data aggregators to evaluate viability and create Unique Data Assets.