Data Procurement

We make data simple.SM

Data is the foundation for all direct marketing campaigns. It’s essential to reaching customers and understanding their lifestyles, attitudes, wants, and needs. The use of data gives quantifiable information that allows you to know your target audience in a more meaningful way. There is no shortage of data, but what yields the most effective results is the ability to gather, extract, analyze, and interpret the data that will be the most useful. In order to gain this insight, it’s important to understand when and where a consumer is most likely to buy, their preferences, and their dislikes. ARM knows how to recognize the most insightful data that will highlight your customers’ point of view and enhance your marketing strategy.

Build response-driven audiences for more profitable postal, email, and targeted display campaigns.

Using data with a postal address, email, or phone number allows a marketer to establish a one-to-one relationship with both new prospects and current or past customers. ARM leverages our significant experience with data to identify the key variables in a customer database, allowing our clients to target their best prospects.

We incorporate data from all available sources: Transactional, Demographic, Behavioral, Attitudinal.

  • Audience selection using a wide range of purchase and lifestyle data
  • Look-Alike and response models provide scalable solutions
  • Broad response data provides a unique alternative

Identifying the very best data sources and segments in the industry.

Unlike many data-marketing firms, we do not “feature” our own lists or products to give them first priority. We are data neutral, and will provide you with the best possible data that meets your specific needs. We act on our clients’ best interests to identify the best data sources and segments. We’re always looking to procure the most specific and customized prospect files for our clients. We aim to procure the best lists and files available in the marketplace and are on the cutting edge with the industry’s latest trends.

You cannot overlook the importance of data in your marketing strategy. ARM develops and executes data-driven strategies. We will identify new sources of new customers and improve your acquisition ROI.

We grew up in this industry. Data is the foundation our firm was built on.

We make data simple.SM

We identify data sources, narrowing down 50,000+ sources to a manageable decision.

Offer unbiased opinions and transparency for our clients.