25 Things You Did Not Know About Adrea Rubin Marketing

ARM 25th Anniversary Cake

This past week, Adrea Rubin Marketing took a day to celebrate our Silver Anniversary. The entire staff was in New York City, where we went to see Wicked, and had a celebratory dinner afterwards. During dinner, Adrea and several staff members gave toasts to the company’s accomplishments. We were lucky enough to also share well wishes and congratulatory notes from clients and partners. During the dinner, each of us shared personal stories about ARM, and what has made the past 25 years special. Out of those stories, we have come up with a few behind the scenes stories and experiences we want to share.

25 Things You Did Not Know About Adrea Rubin Marketing

  1. In our 25 years, we have had only two addresses, both on 44th Street in New York City.
  2. During our tenure in our first office, we occupied first an office on the eighth floor, then broke through other office space to occupy the entire floor, then moved up to the ninth floor, and then took more space back on eight. By the time we were done it looked like a maze.
  3. The conference room on the ninth floor had blackout shades on some of the windows. The shades were covering up what looked like prison bars, and were not noticed for three years.
  4. The conference room, which had windows that faced the roof top on an adjacent building, was broken into from the outside, using the windows with the bars on them. The bars were just for show, and did not actually prevent the windows from opening.
  5. The first three weeks that Adrea Rubin Marketing was in business, Adrea worked from a hospital bed because she threw out her back from anxiety.
  6. Adrea originally had a partner, who unfortunately passed away 3 years into the business.
  7. Adrea brought her dog Hampton into the office. His job was to guard the door. He ended up preventing the post office from delivering the mail. Pretty ironic for a company whose clients use direct mail as a distribution channel.
  8. Adrea Rubin Media was originally named Innovative List Management. This lasted only one month before the name was changed to Adrea Rubin Management.
  9. The staff of ARM has traveled to 27 different states and 4 countries for client meetings and conferences.
  10. Adrea Rubin Marketing has had 4 logo designs, one of which had two different color schemes.
  11. A client requested employee background checks. Adrea’s secretary at the time refused to comply, left the office and never returned back to work.
  12. During our 25 years, we have employed people in 10 different states, some in satellite offices, and some with really long commutes.
  13. As a thank you gift for a successful catalog launch, a client once sent a psychic to the office to tell everyone’s future.
  14. The main office number, used in the days before direct dial, was chosen specifically by Adrea because the digits totaled to a good luck number in numerology.
  15. When people would misdial the phone number, they often reached someone who would make up stories about the person the caller was looking for. Staff members randomly won the lottery, eloped to Vegas or retired. We only found out about it when people started to call with congratulations.
  16. Staff members include a List Leader of the Year, two Silver Apple recipients and one Young List Professional award winner.
  17. In the early years, Adrea hired and fired new receptionists and secretaries every three months.
  18. During the Anthrax scare in 2001, the FBI came to the office to confiscate a box of DMA premiums sent from a client. The rubber ducks were not contaminated, and let the entire episode roll off their backs.
  19. In a meeting with a new fundraising client, who worked on animal causes, Adrea offered an alternative marketing strategy, stating “There is more than one way to skin a cat”.
  20. Adrea Rubin Marketing kicks off the holiday season every year with a full Thanksgiving meal in the office. We pardon one turkey, while serving another for dinner.
  21. One year, the venue for our annual holiday celebration cancelled our reservation the day before the party. We scrambled to find a replacement venue and were lucky to have our party. The restaurant that cancelled on us was not as lucky, it went out of business a month later.
  22. The staff has had 6 weddings and 9 babies during our 25 years.
  23. Adrea launched an alternate media campaign on behalf of a client that offered a sweepstakes with the grand prize of a trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, none of us were eligible to enter.
  24. A business is not just one person. It is made up of the people who believe in you, your vision and your leadership. I have been blessed in my life because of the decision I made 25 years ago, taking a chance on myself and opening up Adrea Rubin Marketing. There are no words that can express what I feel today. I am excited to see how the business continues to change and prosper.
  25. These 25 years are just the beginning. There is so much more to know about Adrea Rubin Marketing, and how we are moving forward to the next 25 years and more.


Always, Adrea