We built our business and reputation in insurance, financial services, credit, healthcare, and generational marketing.

Our solutions are specific to you. We apply the accumulated knowledge of our CEO, our team, and our 25-year history to any industry that requires cost-effective customer acquisition, retention, and monetization solutions.

ARM purchases in excess of 3 billion pieces of data yearly on behalf of our clients. We are unbiased in our recommendations, and provide strategies that optimize the best data segments for each individual product and campaign. Our unique perspective on data is enhanced by our unparalleled subject matter expertise. This gives us the necessary tools to uncover new populations utilized in marketing campaigns.

The evolution of the insurance industry has brought about changes to product offerings, distribution methods and marketing messages. Our involvement with insurance carriers and their marketing teams keeps us at the forefront of the industry. ARM’s history in all forms of insurance marketing establishes us as industry leaders. The outgrowth of the insurance vertical was banking and financial services. The overlap between insurance and financial services includes compliance regulations and the need for analytics and innovative marketing strategies. Our experience has taught us how to create consumer interest for products that are more needs-based than want-based.

Adrea Rubin’s specialization in these verticals has served our clients well, as we provide a unique and comprehensive viewpoint of insurance and financial services marketing—past, present, and future.


The insurance industry is undergoing rapid change. Consumer attitudes towards insurance are also changing. Marketing strategy should reflect how the different generations use these products. The change in the way media channels are consumed by prospective policy holders impacts education, research and purchase behavior. Products should be more benefit rich, and offer easy methods for purchase. Communication and brand engagement with current and new customers is critical to overall lifetime value. Carriers today must inspire trust and reward consumers for positive behaviors, which will inspire brand loyalty. Utilization of key life-stage triggers is critical for insurance marketing.

Our unparalleled experience in the insurance industry allows us to craft direct marketing campaigns for one- and two-step offers, each requiring unique messaging. We address specific target markets, leverage consumer marketing channels, and offer multiple response vehicles. As informed marketers, we identify the best channels, messages, and solutions for each of your direct marketing initiatives. Over the course of our history, ARM has worked with more than 40 carriers, and we’ve successfully partnered with all of them to implement successful marketing campaigns.


Financial Services / Credit

We leverage our extensive experience in this vertical with our competitive intelligence to create marketing campaigns that address consumer’s needs in a relevant, insightful manner. The utilization of credit data, either on a summarized zip+4 level or on an individual level, is a critical component for successful campaigns. ARM’s relationships with each of the credit bureaus allow us to provide our clients with guidance on how to best use their data. ARM is able to meet our clients’ marketing goals, due in part to our comprehensive familiarity with complex and ever-changing compliance regulations.


Generational Marketing

Effective generational marketing requires an up-to-date understanding of the characteristics of each specific demographic segment. The ARM team uses this knowledge to craft a unique approach, taking into account how each generation consumes media and responds to messaging.

Millennials are the elusive generation. They are skeptical and hard to reach—only 6% of them believe that online advertising is credible. Interacting successfully with them requires deep data analysis and understanding of their wants and needs, in order to convince them you’re trustworthy.

Baby Boomers and seniors often feel excluded by companies and brands. Only 5% of national advertising is directed at them—yet they control 70% of the nation’s disposable income. Boomers are active online and on mobile, spending more money online than any other age group. They’re aware, engaged, and self-reliant—and they’re ready to start interacting with your messages.

Minority purchasing power is on the rise, with African-, Asian-, and Hispanic-Americans all increasing their importance in today’s marketplace. 43% of millennials identify as people of color, forming a significant overlap in these two key demographics. Hispanics’ purchasing power alone has increased by 45% in the last five years—it’s crucial to understand their needs in the marketplace.


Unparalleled reputation for long-term relationships and Best in Class in Insurance & Financial Verticals.

Comprehensive knowledge with complex and ever-changing compliance regulations.