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Leading the Charge to New Paths of Profitability
Product and Channel Expansion

Our client had many products sold by independent agents – as they got ready to launch into Direct-to-Consumer, they needed a partner with the expertise to not only assist, but spearhead their foray into this competitive channel.

The Ask – Identify and lead supporting partners for DTC expansion strategy and execution.

The program produced the following results for the client:

$47.5 Million

In New Premium Generated


New Competitive Products Developed, Filed and Launched
(Term Life and Guaranteed Issue Life)


Channel Spend Increase

The Strategy

  • We worked across the organization to ensure holistic product development, and a seamless launch strategy across Ops, product groups, marketing teams, and compliance.
  • Ensured that channel spend was in line with competitors in an aggressive marketplace.
  • Strategy Drivers: Adrea Rubin Marketing crossed profit centers and departments
    • Product execution:
      • Operations
      • Product Groups
      • Marketing Teams
      • Compliance Regulations
      • Digital / Website
  • Analytics
Pet Community Established to Create Brand Awareness and Followers
Formation of a Social Media Group

A Pet Prospect challenged us to deliver an innovative way to reach and interact with consumers who own pets.

The Ask – Create a medium for brand awareness.

The program produced the following results for the client:

Over 50,000


Pet Spokespersons Reach 300,000+

Impressions Internationally In One Week from


Cost Investment

The Strategy

  • Adrea Rubin Marketing identified three pet communities: birth to 2 years of age, 2 years of age to the time of their passing, and after they have crossed over the Rainbow bridge
  • A brand spokesperson was established for each of the three groups
  • Clubs were then established to create fun and friendship
  • The Clubs allowed for new members to join and participate in club activities
  • Multiple videos were created to engage and solicit new membership
  • Spokesperson posts and interacts with members every day

2020 Stevie Award Gold Winner

Bringing New Life to a Direct Mail Program
Identifying New Data Sources

After 18 years working with a data partner on their direct mail campaigns, our client felt their results were stagnant. They were looking for a partner to ensure direct mail solicitations were in home before competitive offers.

The Ask – Manage direct marketing efforts more efficiently to achieve lower acquisition costs, faster speed to market and better quality of leads.

The program produced the following results for the client:

$17 Million

Cost Savings Realized Over
An 8-Year Period


Lift in Overall Profitability


Database Participation
In A Two-Year Period

The Strategy

  • Negotiated with hundreds of list owners to participate in a proprietary flagship consumer database, and persuaded them to accept uniform pricing parameters.
  • Convinced data sources to release updates directly to a processing center.
  • Consolidated hundreds of lists and identified list families with strong corporate buying power.
  • Oversaw the entire process from mail planning through campaign optimization
Multichannel Integration Increases Performance
Consumer Retail Acquisition

A Pet Retail Client was looking for a new way to increase product sales while reducing their cost per acquisition.

The Ask – Create the strategy, develop the creative and deploy an initiative that increases overall response while reducing costs.

The program produced the following results for the client:


Increase in Response Rate


Reduction in Acquisition Cost


Increase Average Order Value

The Strategy

  • Design a multichannel marketing program that utilizes the Email, Direct Mail and Social Channels
  • Determine a messaging strategy that ties all channels together
  • Outline promotions to include in each touch point
  • Define sequencing and frequency of the touches
  • Create proper measuring guidelines to ensure the read of the initiative
Supporting A Brand Launch From End-to-End
Comprehensive Marketing Program

Our client was preparing to launch a product in a channel where they had limited expertise. In order to ensure success, they wanted a partner who could manage the entire process and offer guidance and leadership every step of the way.

The Ask – Develop comprehensive marketing strategy, media plan, marketing materials and KPIs for a new product.

The program produced the following results for the client:


Brand Awareness Increase
Over 6 Months

KPIs Achieved

2 Months Earlier Than Originally Projected

Blueprint Created

Launching Additional Products In The Direct To Consumers Channel

The Strategy

  • Determine target audience through consumer surveys
  • Identify consumer awareness and perception of brand
  • Measure consumer need for product
  • Develop marketing materials for brand and product awareness
  • Develop and execute medial plan across a multi-channel platform
Leveraging Product Differentiation to Improve Sales
Competitive Intelligence

Our client was preparing to re-launch a product into market. They needed a robust marketing strategy, centered around the product’s differentiated features, to help it stand out in a crowded marketplace. Previous sales had been lower than projected and lagged behind the competition.

The Ask – Identify and articulate unique selling propositions as part of an overall marketing strategy, geared towards boosting sales.

The program produced the following results for the client:


Increase In Sales Within The First 4 Months Of Relaunch


Increase In Overall Average Premium

Product Redesign

By Recommended Additional Features

The Strategy

  • Identify key competitors and their unique selling propositions through competitive intelligence
  • Marketing materials and media channels
  • Customer journey
  • Ease to purchase
  • After sale engagement