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Driving Awareness & Conversions with Calibrant Tech
Life Event Marketing

Our client needed to identify a new audience. They needed to source a data set that converted at a higher rate than the data they were being provided from compilers. At this time this client was only purchasing digital media audiences programmatically and this division did not work closely with the direct in-home marketing teams.

The Ask – Develop a data strategy to scale a new audience


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Online Engagement


Increase in Monthly Revenue

The Strategy

The Strategy

  • Through automated customer insights with an in-market automotive audience, we were able to identify that individuals who are going through or have recently gone through a significant life event, purchased or leased a vehicle at a rate 18% higher than the average consumer.
  • In an effort to test this in a live marketing strategy, we identified the new movers as our initial test audience.
  • Based on a media mix model built from campaign response data, we were able to overlay and score the new mover audience data to determine who would be most likely to engage with our campaign across multiple marketing channels.
  • We then implemented a monthly welcome home program and allowed six months to prove the concept
  • New Media Mix: Direct Mail, Email, Social, CTV, Video, Display & Retargeting
Supporting A Brand Experiencing Decreasing Performance
Program Deep Dive Analysis

Our client was experiencing unprecedented decline in new business performance for a Direct-to-Consumer Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Product.

The Ask – Provide a comprehensive data discovery and analysis of current customers, product offerings, marketing initiatives and processes to identify areas of opportunity for improvement and growth.


Identified Best Prospects Through Robust Customer Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Recommendations across Creative, Audience, Product, Media Channel and Processing

Action Items

Prioritized Action Items For Client Implementation

The Strategy

  • Complete full consumer profile analysis
    • Analysis includes Demographics, Lifestyle Interests, Market Indicators, Market Trends, Triggers
  • Perform analysis of channel attribution
  • Evaluation of marketing design and execution
  • Customer buying and post purchase journey
  • Supplement with Competitive and Consumer Research
  • Determine action items for internal team vs external resources
Maintaining Gross Conversion Rates While Increasing Customer Retention
Improve Overall Program Profitability

Our client was struggling to maintain profitability on a call transfer campaign due to low persistency rates.

The Ask – Revise the existing processes – internal and external – to increase customer retention.


Improvement in Profitability


Change in Gross Conversion Rate


Decrease in Lapses within the 1st 90 Days of Application Submit

The Strategy

  • Performed a deep dive analysis on Prospects, New Applicants, Traffic and Media Channel
    • Review Age, Gender, Geography, Channel, source, Benefit Level, Payment Method and other variables
  • Studied the customer journey once the customer engaged with the company
  • Developed findings and created an optimized strategy that considered all parts of the analysis
  • Structured incremental testing to prove out recommendations
Leading the Charge to New Paths of Profitability
Product and Channel Expansion

Our client had many products sold by independent agents – as they got ready to launch into Direct-to-Consumer, they needed a partner with the expertise to not only assist, but spearhead their foray into this competitive channel.

The Ask – Identify and lead supporting partners for DTC expansion strategy and execution.

The program produced the following results for the client:

$47.5 Million

In New Premium Generated


New Competitive Products Developed, Filed and Launched
(Term Life and Guaranteed Issue Life)


Channel Spend Increase

The Strategy

  • We worked across the organization to ensure holistic product development, and a seamless launch strategy across Ops, product groups, marketing teams, and compliance.
  • Ensured that channel spend was in line with competitors in an aggressive marketplace.
  • Strategy Drivers: Adrea Rubin Marketing crossed profit centers and departments
    • Product execution:
      • Operations
      • Product Groups
      • Marketing Teams
      • Compliance Regulations
      • Digital / Website
  • Analytics
Pet Community Established to Create Brand Awareness and Followers
Formation of a Social Media Group

A Pet Prospect challenged us to deliver an innovative way to reach and interact with consumers who own pets.

The Ask – Create a medium for brand awareness.

The program produced the following results for the client:

Over 50,000


Pet Spokespersons Reach 300,000+

Impressions Internationally In One Week from


Cost Investment

The Strategy

  • Adrea Rubin Marketing identified three pet communities: birth to 2 years of age, 2 years of age to the time of their passing, and after they have crossed over the Rainbow bridge
  • A brand spokesperson was established for each of the three groups
  • Clubs were then established to create fun and friendship
  • The Clubs allowed for new members to join and participate in club activities
  • Multiple videos were created to engage and solicit new membership
  • Spokesperson posts and interacts with members every day

2020 Stevie Award Gold Winner

Bringing New Life to a Direct Mail Program
Identifying New Data Sources

After 18 years working with a data partner on their direct mail campaigns, our client felt their results were stagnant. They were looking for a partner to ensure direct mail solicitations were in home before competitive offers.

The Ask – Manage direct marketing efforts more efficiently to achieve lower acquisition costs, faster speed to market and better quality of leads.

The program produced the following results for the client:

$17 Million

Cost Savings Realized Over
An 8-Year Period


Lift in Overall Profitability


Database Participation
In A Two-Year Period

The Strategy

  • Negotiated with hundreds of list owners to participate in a proprietary flagship consumer database, and persuaded them to accept uniform pricing parameters.
  • Convinced data sources to release updates directly to a processing center.
  • Consolidated hundreds of lists and identified list families with strong corporate buying power.
  • Oversaw the entire process from mail planning through campaign optimization
Multichannel Integration Increases Performance
Consumer Retail Acquisition

A Pet Retail Client was looking for a new way to increase product sales while reducing their cost per acquisition.

The Ask – Create the strategy, develop the creative and deploy an initiative that increases overall response while reducing costs.

The program produced the following results for the client:


Increase in Response Rate


Reduction in Acquisition Cost


Increase Average Order Value

The Strategy

  • Design a multichannel marketing program that utilizes the Email, Direct Mail and Social Channels
  • Determine a messaging strategy that ties all channels together
  • Outline promotions to include in each touch point
  • Define sequencing and frequency of the touches
  • Create proper measuring guidelines to ensure the read of the initiative
Supporting A Brand Launch From End-to-End
Comprehensive Marketing Program

Our client was preparing to launch a product in a channel where they had limited expertise. In order to ensure success, they wanted a partner who could manage the entire process and offer guidance and leadership every step of the way.

The Ask – Develop comprehensive marketing strategy, media plan, marketing materials and KPIs for a new product.

The program produced the following results for the client:


Brand Awareness Increase
Over 6 Months

KPIs Achieved

2 Months Earlier Than Originally Projected

Blueprint Created

Launching Additional Products In The Direct To Consumers Channel

The Strategy

  • Determine target audience through consumer surveys
  • Identify consumer awareness and perception of brand
  • Measure consumer need for product
  • Develop marketing materials for brand and product awareness
  • Develop and execute medial plan across a multi-channel platform
Leveraging Product Differentiation to Improve Sales
Competitive Intelligence

Our client was preparing to re-launch a product into market. They needed a robust marketing strategy, centered around the product’s differentiated features, to help it stand out in a crowded marketplace. Previous sales had been lower than projected and lagged behind the competition.

The Ask – Identify and articulate unique selling propositions as part of an overall marketing strategy, geared towards boosting sales.

The program produced the following results for the client:


Increase In Sales Within The First 4 Months Of Relaunch


Increase In Overall Average Premium

Product Redesign

By Recommended Additional Features

The Strategy

  • Identify key competitors and their unique selling propositions through competitive intelligence
  • Marketing materials and media channels
  • Customer journey
  • Ease to purchase
  • After sale engagement